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And it represents physical address of your system, be it a PC, laptop or any device that connects to a network. It’s made up of your computer, phone, tablet, and every other device on your router. When these devices connect to the internet, they use the public IP address that’s been assigned to the router. When you ask “what is my IP address” or “what is my ipv4 address” you usually mean “what is my public IP.” It’s the IP address provided by your internet service provider. Devices on the same network share this IP address when accessing the internet.

Configuring DHCP on Your Router

The output shows that PC1 is unable to locate the DHCPv4 server. Because routers do not forward broadcasts, the request is not successful. The output of the show ip dhcp server statistics is used to verify that messages are being received or sent by the router. This command displays count information regarding the number of DHCPv4 messages that have been sent and received. There are millions of devices in the world, and each individual device needs a unique IP address. So, it automatically assigns a unique IP address to each connected device and keeps tabs of them. But for regular network where there are the same devices an users all the time 3 days is fine.

Speeding data across networks

MAC address is a unique identifier composed of 12 hexadecimal digits, while an IP address is a set of four numbers separated by dots. Furthermore, MAC address is assigned to devices by the manufacturer, while IP address is assigned dynamically by a network administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP). Another significant difference between the two is that a MAC address is used in the data link layer of the network, while an IP address is used in the network layer. The data Official Login Page link layer is responsible for transferring data within a local network, while the network layer is responsible for routing data between different networks.

  • To configure the Cisco router as DNS, we have to enable the DNS service on the router using the following command.
  • Jumping between networks is far more difficult than between devices.
  • Alternatively, if you have to cut a halving joint on a regular basis it is worth making up a template jig to be used in conjunction with the guide bush.
  • The DHCP Server configuration interface includes tools for
    auto-generating IP pools, making it easier to create many pools at
    once, and provides checking mechanisms to help detect configuration

The end-goal should be to incorporate enterprise-grade Wi-Fi security to avoid network breaches. There are numerous IoT applications in farming[75] such as collecting data on temperature, rainfall, humidity, wind speed, pest infestation, and soil content. This data can be used to automate farming techniques, take informed decisions to improve quality and quantity, minimize risk and waste, and reduce the effort required to manage crops.

Beyond Numbers: Grasping the Fundamental Contrasts of 3G, 4G, and 5G Networks

Even then, investing in a commercial router will ease your network immensely. In a simple network connection, the internet cable connects with your router allowing it to transmit and receive information from the internet.

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